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I've been working in ASIC and FPGA development for more than 13 years at various IP and product development companies and now as a consultant with XtremeEDA Corp. In 2008 I took an interest in agile software development. I've found a massive amount of material out there related to agile development, all of it is interesting and most of it is applicable to hardware development in one form or another. So I'm here to find what agile concepts will work for hardware development and to help other developers use them successfully. I've been fortunate to have the chance to speak about agile hardware development at various conferences like Agile2011, Agile2012, Intel Lean/Agile Conference 2013 and SNUG. I also do lunch-n-learn talks for small groups and enjoy talking to anyone with an agile hardware story to tell! You can find me at

Inaugural SVUnit User Group Lunch

The inaugural SVUnit User Group Lunch will take place the week of DVCon in San Jose. Bringing SVUnit users together is something I’ve wanted to do for a while. So much so that I’ve held off using the word ‘inaugural’ for … Continue reading

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The 2 Biggest Barriers to Agile Hardware

I think we have two fairly critical barriers to overcome before agile hardware gets any serious traction from semiconductor teams.

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Are You Using SVUnit?

For me, 2016 starts with new work on SVUnit… I’ll be doing a little work on the library itself, adding some new UVM support and updated scripting I’ve got an article in the works for testing UVM checkers with SVUnit A bigger … Continue reading

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A few weeks ago I wrote about how I’m using lean startup to launch a new EDA tool. Last week, I finally got everything in place. It’s called FunCov and it’s live on the new tool portal.

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Introduction to SVUnit

Our SVUnit user base is growing… and I’d like to do what I can to help things along further. If you’re on a team that is: interested in SVUnit but need a nudge to get going; evaluating SVUnit and want to be sure it … Continue reading

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Agile Hardware is More Than Verification

Choosing a domain name for a blog can be tricky, no? You want to pick something that describes what you’re doing, but also something catchy that people will relate to and remember. In the days before, I remember choosing between … Continue reading

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Whatever Happened to UVM Express?

Back in February, 2012, Mentor started promoting a new method for building UVM testbenches. It was a 3 step method called UVM Express and it suggested a methodical way of adopting UVM by separately focusing on BFM development, coverage and stimulus. Mentor … Continue reading

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Launching An EDA Web App Using Lean Startup

FunCov is a user friendly, web-based tool that enables functional coverage model crowdsourcing for commonly used industry protocols. It’s my latest side-project/Wednesday night time suck and I’m excited about it. I’ve been working on it since August. It’s almost ready to go.

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Step 1: Make Someone’s Life Easier

How do I get started with agile hardware development? That’s a question I get a lot. Do you ask for management approval or try something under the radar? Is a pilot appropriate or is it best to just go for it with the whole team? Is … Continue reading

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SVUnit User Guide Feedback

The SVUnit User Guide is a few weeks old. Lots of views so far, which is a good sign, but not much feedback yet so I’ve added a form so people can let me know what they think. If you’re … Continue reading

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