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SNUG Unit Testing Finale

SNUG Silicon Valley is all wrapped up for another year. I think my talk on tuesday morning went pretty well. Finding the right angle for introducing agile hardware practices has been a real trick for me and this week I … Continue reading

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UVM-UTest File-a-Bug Challenge at SNUG

Time for another UVM challenge… So I’ve got SNUG coming up next week. I already posted a help wanted sign for hecklers that may want to hurl insults at me from 10:30 to 12 on Tuesday morning. That’s when I’ll … Continue reading

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Help Wanted: Need Hecklers for my SNUG Unit Testing Talk

Next week is SNUG in San Jose and I’m looking forward to it. I’ll be presenting How UVM Makes the Case For Unit Testing in the Verification I track from 10:30-12 on Tuesday morning and would love to see some AgileSoC … Continue reading

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Not A Problem… The “Fluffy Stuff” Isn’t That Important Anyway

There are 17 different stages at the Agile2011 conference in Salt Lake City that cover a wide variety of topics. Though there are obviously technical stages (it is a software conference after all), what would probably look odd to hardware … Continue reading

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More AgileSoC? Are You Kidding Me?

AgileSoC.com is an idea that Bryan Morris and I started about 2 years ago after a few long conversations at SNUG San Jose in 2009. Bryan had been interested in agile software development for a while, I was completely new to … Continue reading

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