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Guest Blog: A Heretic Speaks (Why Hardware Doesn’t Fit the Agile Model)

Fair to say that what we’ve posted on AgileSoC.com to date is decidedly pro-agile. Bryan, myself and the guest bloggers we’ve had thus far believe in agile hardware development so we haven’t spend much time talking about why agile hardware … Continue reading

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Guest Blog: What’s All This Hardware Scrum Sprint Demo Stuff, Anyhow?

By: Rolf V. Ostergaard If you read about Scrum from the software world, you learn how important it is to make the sprint demo as close as possible to the real product in a realistic user scenario. Some obsess over it … Continue reading

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Guest Blog: Demo Driven Technology Projects

By: Rolf V. Ostergaard Far too often technology projects leads to a lot of fun work with very low productivity – and less useful results. A demo-driven scrum-like approach is a good way to fix that. A technology project is… Let … Continue reading

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