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The First Step is Acceptance (Hardware Verification is Broken)

A couple weeks ago, I had the chance to do a lunch-n-learn seminar for about 20 verification engineers in Mountain View. It was an hour talk about an incremental approach to functional verification; one that I’ve given about a half a … Continue reading

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TDD Applied To Testbench Development

When we were writing about TDD back in November 2011 during our TDD month, admittedly I had very little experience with it. The goal with TDD month was to spread the word and drum up a little interest in a … Continue reading

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Guest Blog: I Tried It (Operation Basic Sanity) And I Liked It!

We’re happy to have another guest contributer to the AgileSoC blog. This one is special because it’s a case study on an exercise I’ve written about before and presented as part of my talk at Agile2011. I’ve called it The … Continue reading

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UVM Still Isn’t A Methodology

A few months ago, I posted on an article on AgileSoC.com titled UVM Is Not A Methodology. The point of that article, was to encourage people to break away from the idea that verification frameworks like UVM truly deserve the … Continue reading

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Remote Developers And The Feature-of-the-week

In all the discussions I’ve had regarding agile and from all the presentations I’ve seen, articles I’ve read, etc, the most valuable thing I’ve heard so far has been what I’ve been calling the feature-of-the-week. The feature-of-the-week was something I … Continue reading

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Agile Hardware Starts As A Steel Thread

For me, a key to agile is incremental development. Most software developers reading this will probably say “duh… no kidding” but it’s a new concept to hardware folks. If you’re new to agile, incremental development is something I’ve talked about … Continue reading

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The Newbie’s Guide To AgileSoC.com

For anyone that’s new to AgileSoC.com, here’s a guide to what we have. I have all the top ranked articles here. I also have my favorites… these articles aren’t necessarily the most popular but they’re the ones that I’m happiest … Continue reading

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