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Finally… A Reason For Me to Try Specman

Yes… I know it’s a good tool. People I respect use it and love it. It’s not that I have any specific complaints about Specman, it’s just that I grew up with Vera and SystemVerilog and with the universal support and … Continue reading

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You Can’t Automate Holistic Verification

For anyone stuck watching #48DAC via twitter (like I was) and presumably to those who were there in person, it was easy to feel that Cadence remains dedicated to the EDA360 vision it released over a year ago. EDA360 has … Continue reading

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More AgileSoC? Are You Kidding Me?

AgileSoC.com is an idea that Bryan Morris and I started about 2 years ago after a few long conversations at SNUG San Jose in 2009. Bryan had been interested in agile software development for a while, I was completely new to … Continue reading

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