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Now What?

You’ve started doing TDD or unit testing your systemverilog code with SVUnit, your defect rate is down and you’re producing better code. You’re at the point where your experience could benefit the rest of your team but you’re not sure how to get the point … Continue reading

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Shame On Me (Why I Use Test-driven Development)

When I hear the word shame, there is only one thing that comes to mind: Slapshot. If you’re Canadian, chances are you already know what I’m talking about. To everyone else, Slapshot is a hockey movie and shame comes from an interview … Continue reading

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Honey… I’m Being Eaten By A Bear: 10 Need to Know Tips

Last week I stumbled across a verification post that used my favorite verification graphic from the Wilson Research Group Functional Verification Survey that Mentor sponsors every few years. Here it is again for anyone that hasn’t seen it posted here … Continue reading

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UVM Is Not A Methodology (The TDD Remix)

Forgot about this in last week’s post! Another interesting question from the functional verification seminar I delivered in Mountain View a few weeks ago was: if you could only pick one or the other, would you rather use UVM or … Continue reading

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UVM Report Mock Update

I’ve had some good feedback from a couple fellows using the report mock and today I released a new version to start incorporating it. SVUnit v1.4 includes a new UVM report mock. Two significant changes…

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SVUnit v1.1 – Improved Module/RTL Support

Today, I posted a new v1.1 release of SVUnit on sourceforge. The “new” feature in version 1.1 is a refactored/simplified framework meant to increase usability, especially for people that want to do TDD or unit testing of RTL.

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Verifying UVM Error Conditions with SVUnit UVM Report Mock

Verifying error conditions and UVM testbench checkers just got easier! The SVUnit UVM report mock lets you automate testing of UVM errors and fatals to increase confidence that the checkers in your testbench are defect free. The SVUnit UVM report mock … Continue reading

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(Wasted) Effort Spent In Verification Rerun

I ran across this graphic in some old material I was going through today. Thought it was worth a reminder. 2 hrs 33min and 36sec everyday is a lot of time, no? -neil    

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Book Review: Test-Driven Development for Embedded C

Opinions, guest opinions, video… where does go next? Book reviews, that’s where! The first book I’ll take a look at is Test-Driven Development for Embedded C written by James Grenning.

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SVUnit by Example: A Simple UVM Model

It was recently brought to my attention that I haven’t done a very good job of telling people about the examples that come with SVUnit. That’s unfortunate. The examples are there to help so if people don’t know they’re there … Continue reading

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