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Aart de Geus on Systemic Collaboration and Organizational Silos

We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming to bring you this short email back-and-forth I had with Aart de Geus last year during SNUG (Aart is co-CEO of Synopsys for anyone not familiar with the name). It happened just after his keynote … Continue reading

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Commit to becoming a Hardware Craftsperson

It’s my opinion that are are some very basic techniques that create great value, and should be re-stated and reinforced as good practices from time to time. I also contend that they are strongly related to agile methodologies that we’re … Continue reading

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Debugging Professionals?? (A Call To Action)

Dear AgileSoC Follower, I need your help. I need you to join me in heading off a trend that’s progressing dangerously toward the point of no return. The collective sanity of the hardware world depends on us working together. The … Continue reading

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Survey: Project Planning in Hardware and Embedded Systems Development

If you’re currently working in hardware and/or embedded systems development, we’d appreciate your participation in the following survey: Project Planning in Hardware And Embedded Systems Development Survey Are people in the hardware and embedded systems communities confident that their approach … Continue reading

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Work Smarter, Not Harder

You’ve been working 12 hour days for the last 4 months. You’re coming off a night of only 4 hours sleep because all you could think about was the all-hands meeting with the CEO, CFO and CTO the next morning … Continue reading

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Is Specialization Good For Hardware Development?

Last night I started reading “The Machine That Changed The World”. It’s a book from 1990 that I’ve been meaning to read for a couple years that documents the rise of lean production through the 1900’s at companies like Toyota. … Continue reading

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Enough Already About Collaborating With The Fab!

In the last 2+ years that I’ve dedicated to applying agile methods to hardware development, a big part of my focus has been on using agile to bring design, verification and software developers closer together. In my opinion, we have … Continue reading

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Not A Problem… The “Fluffy Stuff” Isn’t That Important Anyway

There are 17 different stages at the Agile2011 conference in Salt Lake City that cover a wide variety of topics. Though there are obviously technical stages (it is a software conference after all), what would probably look odd to hardware … Continue reading

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