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Hey Buddy, Can You Spare a Keyboard

Whenever I describe the agile practice of pair programming I usually get the same general reaction,which is something like “I don’t think I’d like to do that”. My usual attempt to convince someone that it could be an interesting tool … Continue reading

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Agile Requirements: Are We There Yet? Part 1 of [Not Sure Yet]

I’m at the start of a new project. We’re currently determining what features are needed in the end-product. This has led to me to thinking a lot lately about how to capture, prioritize and track the completion of these requirements … Continue reading

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Are You Interested In Becoming An AgileSoC Contributor?

I’m starting to see people coming out of the woodwork. Hardware designers and verification engineers, modeling and architecture experts, embedded systems experts…there are people that are interested in seeing agile hardware development going mainstream. Lots of those same people have valuable … Continue reading

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The Newbie’s Guide To

For anyone that’s new to, here’s a guide to what we have. I have all the top ranked articles here. I also have my favorites… these articles aren’t necessarily the most popular but they’re the ones that I’m happiest … Continue reading

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More AgileSoC? Are You Kidding Me? is an idea that Bryan Morris and I started about 2 years ago after a few long conversations at SNUG San Jose in 2009. Bryan had been interested in agile software development for a while, I was completely new to … Continue reading

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