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I have been doing ASIC verification for over 13 years, and before that I did about 15 years of embedded software design & management. The software world dealt with increasing complexity by creating these agile development techniques; I think hardware can adapt and evolve their own agile techniques. I'm working as a consultant now and see where agile practices can help hardware development get a much-needed productivity boost. I'd always welcome your thoughts:

Commit to becoming a Hardware Craftsperson

It’s my opinion that are are some very basic techniques that create great value, and should be re-stated and reinforced as good practices from time to time. I also contend that they are strongly related to agile methodologies that we’re … Continue reading

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Hammock Driven Design

I’ve been learning Clojure over the past few months. But that’s only slightly relevant to this post. As part of my learning process, I’ve been listening to recorded lectures from several Clojure conferences. There was one lecture by by Rich Hickey (creator of the … Continue reading

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An Adherent Responds to the Heretic

About a year ago, Mike Thompson said that as much as he liked what Neil and I were doing with the AgileSoC, he just didn’t think the agile methodologies fit all that well with hardware. He then said that he … Continue reading

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Definition of Ready

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of having lunch with Alan Dunne from Alcatel-Lucent here in Ottawa.  Alan has commented on a couple of our AgileSoC blog posts in the past, and is a shining example of someone … Continue reading

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SVUnit Future Directions

Future Directions of SVUnit This post looks at some ideas for future directions for SVUnit.  Both Neil and I put forth our views.

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Happy New Year!

All the best to you and yours for 2012. Neil and I want to wish everyone following AgileSoC a very Happy New Year! AgileSoC has grown tremendously over the past year, and we’ve received many appreciative and insightful comments about … Continue reading

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In this (very late) post, I attempt a look at why RTL designers should use Test Driven Development (TDD) to create each of their modules. For this topic espeically, I’d like to hear your experiences with TDD, whether you think TDD … Continue reading

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TDD: Verification with SVUnit

Introduction In my last posting, I gave a brief overivew of the SVUnit framework, and it’s usage model. This post will look at how to use this framework in your workflow: how it can be integrated into your existing verification … Continue reading

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Test Driven Development: Introducing the SVUnit Framework

Up until now, we’d been discussing the justification of using TDD in an ASIC development flow.   Hopefully, we’ve convinced you to try it.  In this post we’ll introduce a TDD framework that has been developed for SystemVerilog to help you use this … Continue reading

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Hey Buddy, Can You Spare a Keyboard

Whenever I describe the agile practice of pair programming I usually get the same general reaction,which is something like “I don’t think I’d like to do that”. My usual attempt to convince someone that it could be an interesting tool … Continue reading

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