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By Example: Done vs. DONE

In a previous post, When Done Actually Means DONE, I shared a slide that I’ll present at Agile2011. I use it to illustrate the differences between waterfall and agile development models in the context of hardware development. After posting that, … Continue reading

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Applying Agile To IC Development… Coming To A Webex Near You!

“Applying Agile To IC Development… We’re Not That Different After All” is part of the program for Agile2011, Aug8-12 in Salt Lake City, UT. I do plan to make video available to visitors… but video never seems to be as … Continue reading

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If Developing Hardware Was Like Going On A Hiking Trip…

…where do you think you’d end up? Here’s a goofy story I put together as part of an AgileSoC article that likens some of the daily trials and tribulations of hardware development to a day out in the wilderness. Seems … Continue reading

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Help Us Embedded Software Developers… You’re Our Only Hope

Agile2011 will be my first time talking to crowd of embedded software developers. I already know tossing my hat in the ring has been a good idea because the whole experience has me thinking from a different direction. I’m starting … Continue reading

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Guest Blog: Demo Driven Technology Projects

By: Rolf V. Ostergaard Far too often technology projects leads to a lot of fun work with very low productivity – and less useful results. A demo-driven scrum-like approach is a good way to fix that. A technology project is… Let … Continue reading

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When Done Actually Means DONE

In presentations I’ve given on agile hardware development, there’s one slide I have that seems to get the point across better than any other as far as how agile development differs from the waterfall-like process a lot of hardware teams … Continue reading

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Agile Requirements: Are We There Yet? Part 1 of [Not Sure Yet]

I’m at the start of a new project. We’re currently determining what features are needed in the end-product. This has led to me to thinking a lot lately about how to capture, prioritize and track the completion of these requirements … Continue reading

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The New ‘A’ in EDA

I’m sure the suspense is killing you so I’ll just come out with it. EDA now stands for ‘Electronic Design Agility’. ‘Electronic Design Automation’ is gone forever. That’s official. There’s no going back. Here’s why… The huge number of variables, unknowns … Continue reading

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UVM Still Isn’t A Methodology

A few months ago, I posted on an article on titled UVM Is Not A Methodology. The point of that article, was to encourage people to break away from the idea that verification frameworks like UVM truly deserve the … Continue reading

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